Mental Health - Drug Abuse/ Addiction

Drug abuse and addiction are on the rise. I know because I’ve been helping people get into rehab for years. Those with learning disabilities and our youth in general are exposed to more stress and social pressures than ever before. The Coronavirus has increased the numbers tremendously and we are going to need solid and consistent funding to battle these issues and ensure the safety and mental health of those struggling within our community. These issues don’t just affect the youth. Many adults simply cannot function but with services, outreach and funding, many people who struggle daily will have a newfound purpose and be given the ability to thrive as a part of our society. I unfortunately know of many people who struggle to function. I know many organizations who serve these people and the numbers are growing exponentially. We need to get funding into the hands of the people in the trenches so they can do what they do best and care and provide opportunities to those who struggle with mental health issues, abuse, and addiction.