Minority and Women Owned Business Enterprises

Expand the requirements to include more for ethnic groups and young people in the workforce, to include more groups like Asians-Americans, young adults, & millennials.
We can no longer just verbally allocate monies to these groups. We need to implement a system where these allocations are actually met with a quota. I want to expand the MWBE contract allocation & implement specific requirements to be met with a quote for groups like Asian-Americans and young adults who make up the majority of our community. We need to give young adults some hope and promise for the future. Immigrants are some of the hardest working people in this city. Our local economy and the city at large needs and depends on the sustainability of young people and to give them opportunity to grow their businesses. We want young people and startups to feel comfortable working and operating their businesses in our neighborhoods.
How can we do our part to help them thrive?
How do we create more opportunity for them?
We need to do more to bring our communities and resources together to help each other thrive. I want to implement a bi-monthly business summit to see how our local businesses can work with each other. By coming together and pooling resources, combined with a required quota for city contracts for these groups we can ensure business growth within these groups long into the future.