Cyperstein Announces Dominating Position In Opening Campaign Filing

Cyperstein Announces Dominating Position In Opening Campaign Filing

Nearly $50,000 raised from 429 supporters in just two and a half months

Avi Cyperstein’s City Council campaign for the district 29 seat announced that it has amassed significant funding for its campaign efforts, raising nearly $50,000 since declaring candidacy. In just two and a half months, his grassroots coalition effort has brought together 429 supporters, nearly 40% from his campaign district, nearly 70% from Queens and 93% from New York, making the campaign eligible for matching funds of $168,888 from New York City.

“It is very exciting to see my strong support in our communities. These numbers surely give me the momentum to push onward with renewed passion,” said Cyperstein. The diverse group of contributors was focused in the council district and expanded to other areas of Queens and breached these borders into other areas of New York showing Cyperstein’s influence spreads far and wide.

“I am delighted and thankful that the community has come out to show their support as contributors and cherish the values that the campaign stands on,” stated Cyperstein.

Cyperstein has devised his campaign on the platform of making real and lasting accomplishments for the residents of Rego Park, Forest Hills, Kew Gardens, Richmond Hill.

Cyperstein is advocating for a new vision for senior programming, workforce reform that encourages more ethnic groups, young adults and women to thrive, and a COVID-19 recovery program that helps businesses recover and individuals deal with their mental health needs.

“Even at this early stage, it is our values and innate messaging that continues to resonate exceptionally well within our community. It is encouraging to work together and build lasting alliances with community members, leaders, and our treasured institutions.”

The campaign has seen an influx of individuals reaching out to get involved from all corners of the district. “We are exactly where we are supposed to be and are poised to win this race. I am exhilarated with each new volunteer and refreshed that so many locals are comfortable to engage with our campaign and its platform,” said Cyperstein.

Cyperstein, a community activist, built a career in healthcare management and launched his drive to the City Council on the steps of Queens Borough Hall on Sunday, October 25, 2020, after experiencing the devastating effects of the coronavirus in Queens and the mismanagement of lawmakers.


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