Cyperstein Campaign Shows Appreciation With Supercars For SuperHeroes

Cyperstein Campaign Shows Appreciation With Supercars For SuperHeroes

Cyperstein Campaign Shows Appreciation With Supercars For SuperHeroes

Ahead of this past weekend, Avi Cyperstein teamed up with Smiles Through Cars and its founder Josh Aryeh, AKA Batman, to spread cheer at Queens Hospital Center, a division of NYC Health + Hospitals. They paired up to highlight the devotedness of our frontline workers that continue to risk their lives as new waves of the COVID-19 pandemic spread.

Together with 107th police precinct community affairs officers, the group delivered breakfast and freshly brewed hot coffee to nurses and doctors in the emergency room bay at the former home of Queens General Hospital.

“The healthcare workers were excited to come out and greet us; we must never forget those who give of themselves each day on the frontlines,” explained Cyperstein, a Democratic candidate for the district 29 City Council seat. “At the start of the pandemic, New Yorkers saw the dedication of first responders and watched in awe as these men and women exposed themselves to save our friends, family, and neighbors in our borough at the epicenter of the virus. Today, we are experiencing a new wave of the virus and these same medical professionals remain steadfast in their devotion to curing the public.”

Smiles Through Cars often brings supercars to ease the pain and suffering of those who need it most. Often their crew visits children with special needs or those who are languishing with illness. Their team is praised for bringing instant smiles that are recalled long after the moment passes, and these same spirits shined in the bright eyes of the healthcare workers on the morning of Thursday, January 21. 

“I embrace the role of Batman to do my part in making the world a happier place,” said Aryeh. “Today, we showed up in supercars and gave of our time to give back to Queens’ healthcare superheroes and show that they are appreciated. We must be grateful for our health, as we never know what the next morning may bring.”

The medical staff enjoyed the small token of appreciation featuring Aryeh’s exotic Batmobile and an exquisite Lamborghini Aventador along with a moment of distinction recognizing their sacrifices. The volunteers anticipate visiting many more local hospitals and continuing to spread messages of positivity in the weeks ahead.

Cyperstein understands the health concerns of the neighborhood and intends to address the rise in drug abuse and addiction especially in the wake of COVID-19. When elected, Cyperstein will institute productive outreach to help our community flourish.

“I encourage all of Queens to thank those on the frontlines who continue to fight to gain full control of the pandemic,” said Cyperstein.


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