Cyperstein Vaccinates Over 300 Queens Residents

Cyperstein Vaccinates Over 300 Queens Residents

Queens recently reached an astounding milestone being the first area of New York State to inoculate over one million residents. AVI CYPERSTEIN (D-CD29) took on a major role in this effort dedicating his time during a busy campaign season to become a registered vaccinator.

As a volunteer first responder, Cyperstein demonstrated his instinctual habits to respond to a community necessity. “One needs not only proper training and ongoing refreshers, but quick instincts to react swiftly under tremendous amounts of pressure to ensure a successful outcome,” said Cyperstein. “I directly rely on this training when responding to emergencies or calls from neighbors for assistance. Eventually it becomes a part of you and quick thinking and immediate response becomes instinct.”

It is this type of response that compelled Cyperstein to become a State-certified vaccinator. “When NYS put out a memo back in January that more vaccinators were needed as soon as possible, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to help our community,” explained Cyperstein. “I stayed up into the early morning hours taking the necessary classes to obtain my vaccinator certificate.” Two weeks ago, under the guidance of the Centers Health Care Queens location, Cyperstein completed his vaccinator training and went right to work that very day inoculating over 300 people. Afterwards, Cyperstein has assisted at a vaccination event in Forest Hills, amongst other similar citywide programs.

On a recent Sunday Cyperstein joined a local pharmacy to offer first-come-first-serve vaccines to residents. “Everything I do, all the experience I have in business, healthcare management, nonprofit and even politically, are experiences which make me well prepared and duly qualified for the City Council position,” noted Cyperstein. “There are a lot of people who make promises, but not a lot of doers – especially when it comes to politics. That is what sets me apart from the rest; I have a history of getting things done for people when they call for my assistance.”

Cyperstein has committed to making time to not only assist those who need to schedule their vaccine, but also in administering the doses. “I am not waiting for day one in office to start helping my community, I already am,” said Cyperstein.


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