Kew Gardens Sees Increase In Crime, with 3 Stores Broken Into In 48 hours

Kew Gardens Sees Increase In Crime, with 3 Stores Broken Into In 48 hours

Tuesday December 1, 2020- As the crippling effects of Covid-19 continue to linger leaving many store owners on the brink of despair, the last thing anyone is prepared for is an increase in local crime. In the last 48 hours, 3 stores within just blocks of each other were broken into. Store owners on Lefferts Boulevard in Kew Gardens reached out to Candidate for City Council Avi Cyperstein, to let him know about the devastating news. One store owner mentioned that he has not experienced a break in, in over 30 years at his location. In the last few weeks, Kew Gardens has seen an uptick in crime, with a number of homes being burglarized. Just two weeks ago someone was arrested for two attempted rape incidents which occured within hours of each other. 

“At a time when many people are coming out to shop local to support the local businesses, it is time to ensure that our communities are safe and free from crime as well. It’s time to help small businesses. It’s time to keep crime down. It’s time to make our communities safe again” said Avi.

“More than ever we need to do everything we can to come out in support of our local businesses and be a source of strength for each other” said Cyperstein. “Our community is experiencing serious changes and now is the perfect time to elect someone to City Council with a history of getting things done for this community. I’m not waiting to be elected to help out because that’s what I’ve always done and that’s what I will continue to do” he concluded.

Cyperstein hopes to be elected to City Council for the 29th district to replace Karen Koslowitz who is term limited. Cyperstein calls himself a “doer”, someone who is not just words and a voice for the community but someone who will take action and stand up to make sure people are safe and given opportunities to thrive and succeed.


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